My first massage with Suzanne was a gift for my 50th birthday.  I put off scheduling for a while as I was already getting regular massages and I was reluctant to try something new.  Whem my former therapist moved away I called Suzanne and have been hooked ever since.  Without a doubt, Suzanne's massage is the best.  I want a massage that deeply works my muscles and shifts my body over time to feeling more able and energetic.  My full body is addressed and I notice the subtle stiffness that is developing that would otherwise get ignored.  When particular areas are in special need, Suzanne's magic fingers and toes move me toward healing.  My flexibility, comfort, and overal health are better for Suzanne's therapy and I look forward to regular sessions for years to come.  KF


Add yards to your golf drive, finally find relief from chronic hip pain, realize that going up or down stairs does not have to have a pain component, learn to enjoy a body that you believed was hurting just because you were growing old. I found all that and more through the practice of yoga instructed by Suzanne Aronoff. As a 67 year old retired police chief you would think that I would have experienced much that life has to offer, so when I accepted a recommendation to try Yoga as part of my exercise program, I was surprised to find a new world. Pain is part of life and more acute as we age, but when I met Suzanne as my yoga instructor I found that we have the power to change that situation. Suzanne’s expertise in massage therapy coupled with her vast experience teaching yoga has greatly altered my enjoyment in doing many physical activities. Her teaching embraces compassion and understanding which is essential in dealing with older adults. The class I began with Suzanne started with only a few students but within a few short weeks it had grown to over twenty because word had spread as to how successful the instructor and class were for the “not-so-young-anymore” population. I would implore each person to take the opportunity to allow Suzanne to show how much better you can feel physically and mentally about yourself through her teaching in the yoga practice. Give it a few weeks and you will stay with it for the rest of your life. Suzanne’s massage therapy practice only further enhances the experience of pain relief. Her understanding of the musculoskeletal areas of the human body adds greatly to her ability to identify problem areas and provide appropriate potential remedies. To put it in fewer words, I found Suzanne Aronoff to be an exceptionally good yoga instructor and massage therapist who understands the needs of students far older than herself. As MIKEY said in that old commercial “Try it you’ll like it.” Bob T.


I came to Suzanne seven years ago suffering from chronic back pain associated with a herniated disc.  Her massages got me pain free and feeling like new!  Through the years she has been there for stress related aches, half marathon training soreness, and foot surgery recovery.  I make appointments with her more consistently than any other health professional- her wonderful knowledge and expertise as well as her kind and gentle personality are a true treasure.  Can't imagine life without her now- absolutely awesome!  LL


Appointments with Suzanne are a basic ingredient in my personal health routine.  I pay attention to diet and exercise, and, aside from my annual doctor's checkup, I have three other health supports in my schedule:  acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage.  Massage is the most important for me because my work involves a lot of sitting (computer) and standing (leading programs) and even with a good exercise program, muscles can get lazy or stuck in certain patterns.  Suzanne has a great ability to "listen" to what is happening with a client's body, and to apply pressure in places that will release a knot or get everthing into good alignment.  I always make sure to have an appointment shortly after I return from a plane trip-she gets my shoulders and neck moving in harmony again.  Thanks, Suzanne, for keeping me well!  LF


If you are looking for hight quality massage that actually makes a difference in how you feel, Suzanne should be your therapist of choice.  I have worked with many massage therapists, but Suzanne is the best, that's why I have been with her for 9 years.  I see her for deep tissue massage and she has always been able to provide relief from any problem I have had, including a shoulder with restricted motion I thought I would need physical therapy for.  If you really care about your body, see Suzanne.  JF


In my life, I've had hundreds of different LMT treatments.  Without a doubt, Suzanne is #1 on my list!!  The barefoot work (Ashiatsu) is the only relief for chronic tight gluts I've ever found.  Mr. D


Suzanne does not work from a "one style fits all" script.  Her technique is so refined that she is able to combine my verbal cues and her intuition to provide a massage that is a healing experience.  What Suzanne provides is an important component of my overall plan for wellness.  RW


As a web developer, I spend hours behind the keyboard, resulting in neck, back, and forearm stiffness and pain.  For years, I lived with the constant discomfort, assuming it was just part of the job.  This all changed when I started going to Suzanne for Ashiatsu massage.  I highly recommend a 90 minute session, during which she is able to concentrate on and loosen the trouble areas.  While occasionally sore at the end of a workday, I am able to recover quicker and am comforted knowing I have already scheduled my next session.  WM


Suzanne is a miracle worker!  As a health care worker, I do many things that impact negatively on the muscles in my body.  Suzanne's deep tissue massages help me deal with those issues as well as helping me prevent additional injuries with stretching and relaxation.  She's extremely knowledgeable and works with the client to personalize their experience.  I couldn't survive without her.  CJ


I look forward to my appointments with Suzanne.  She has magic fingers that are able to relax all of my muscles.  Sometimes I get so relaxed I fall asleep.  She is able to adapt to exactly what your body needs.  She will listen to what you want and give the kind of massage that you require for your visit.  As a single parent with a high stress job, I am able to face the next week after my visit with Suzanne.  GP


From the moment I walk into your space I feel my body start to relax- from the onset your provide a space that's the perfect temperature with just the right background music- and I know you've created the atmosphere just for me.  I turn to your massage year after year as you are genuinely concerned about my body and during the massage you pay particular attention to those special muscle needs.  To my, your massage language is all about comfort and peace.  CD


As a long time client of Suzanne's, I've found her to be very professional and attentive to the needs of her clients.  The atmosphere of her studio is relaxting and comfortable.  As a massage therapist, she has developed excellent and varied techniques and she continues to study new treatments to help her improve the service she provides.  As a person, Suzanne is quite personable, always ready with a kind word and a big smile.  Suzanne provides a total experience worth repeatingon a regular basis.  PD


My husband and I have been going to Suzanne for several years and both of us are grateful to have found such a professional and skilled massage therapist.  Suzanne listens carefully to our concerns and offers effective and powerful pressure that alleviates most any tension.  Her office environment is quiet, private, and peaceful enough to help even the most stressed out person truly relax.  We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Suzanne to anyone.  JA and GA



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