Join Suzanne at Kodawari Yoga Studio every Saturday from 3-4:30 pm as she leads students through a 90 minute hot 26&2 class.  

Below is a yoga student testimonial showcasing how Suzanne combines her vast knowledge of massage with yoga:

Add yards to your golf drive, finally find relief from chronic hip pain, realize that going up or down stairs does not have to have a pain component, learn to enjoy a body that you believed was hurting just because you were growing old. I found all that and more through the practice of yoga instructed by Suzanne Aronoff. As a 67 year old retired police chief you would think that I would have experienced much that life has to offer, so when I accepted a recommendation to try Yoga as part of my exercise program, I was surprised to find a new world. Pain is part of life and more acute as we age, but when I met Suzanne as my yoga instructor I found that we have the power to change that situation. Suzanne’s expertise in massage therapy coupled with her vast experience teaching yoga has greatly altered my enjoyment in doing many physical activities. Her teaching embraces compassion and understanding which is essential in dealing with older adults. The class I began with Suzanne started with only a few students but within a few short weeks it had grown to over twenty because word had spread as to how successful the instructor and class were for the “not-so-young-anymore” population. I would implore each person to take the opportunity to allow Suzanne to show how much better you can feel physically and mentally about yourself through her teaching in the yoga practice. Give it a few weeks and you will stay with it for the rest of your life. Suzanne’s massage therapy practice only further enhances the experience of pain relief. Her understanding of the musculoskeletal areas of the human body adds greatly to her ability to identify problem areas and provide appropriate potential remedies. To put it in fewer words, I found Suzanne Aronoff to be an exceptionally good yoga instructor and massage therapist who understands the needs of students far older than herself. As MIKEY said in that old commercial “Try it you’ll like it.” Bob T.


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